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Website Designs

We work closely with all of our clients to understand their website’s goals – goals that will translate company image, products, and services into a layout easily understood by your website viewers and purchasers.

Spirits Capital Investment

Website for company IPO Investment Offer

HCA Solutions

HCA Solutions employment website

Loss Prevention Security

Sales website for Loss Prevention Security

Mr. Beefy’s Subs & More

Restaurant website with ordering

Gotta Lovett Gourmet Cakes

Gourmet Cake company website

The Wounded Healer Life Coach

Life Coach company website

Stelco Inc.

Electrical Contractor website


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Mid-State Construction

General Contractor website

Graphic Design &
Web Design

Mr. Beefy’s Subs & More

Mr. Beefy’s Sub & More is a specialty sandwich and sub restaurant in Coral Springs, Florida. Known for their gourmet subs they have a special niche in the community that is shared with all their customers.

Wanting to upgrade and freshen up their website and menus, I created a dynamic responsive website (and mobile version), equipped with online ordering and take-out. Since the redesign, sales and awareness have increased by 59% and are still growing.

For dining in, Mr. Beefy’s required new menus, for in-house and take-out.

Website design with online ordering
Print menu designs

Corporate Identity & Branding

Stelco Inc.

Re-branded Stelco Inc., from logo to all collateral and advertising. Being almost a fifty year old company, many aspects needed to be brought into the twenty-first century. Beginning with the company logo, Stelco was re-branded and re-established in the electrical community. Advertisements were placed both digitally and physically increasing awareness by 63%.

Stelco’s logo is designed with Square 721 font family, utilizing Pantone colors consisting of PMS715, PMS7687 and PMS Black. Symbolism of electrical paths are added for a visual affect of movement within the logo.

Logo with Pantone colors and fonts

Corporate Identity is the basis of your company’s existence. Your brand and identity are what is going to stick in people’s minds and remember you company. For Stelco, their Corporate Identity consists of business cards, letterhead, envelopes, all contracts and legal documents, brochure, advertising, badges, vehicles and uniforms. Everything boils down to the existence of your identity.

First awareness of any business to any potential client is their website. A strong website is the first marketing tool any company should invest in. This is your first and possibly your only interaction with a client. A website should strike interest immediately and draw the viewer in. Stelco’s new 2023 website and marketing plan follows this scenario. With the development of Stelco’s new website, Stelco has received over 9600+ new visitors in the past year, between the regular site and the mobile site.

For local awareness, OOH Advertising was utilized to establish awareness and stability within the community. Billboards and Ads were placed locally. Estimating an ROI of 15-20%. Stelco’s billboards span the highway and local roads.

Online and Digital Marketing was utilized as well, to reach a larger market outside the local area. Product sales and services being offered increased dramatically by 45%.

Website design to establish the company in the industry
Vehicle design to match the brand
Brochure and collateral

Illustration, Branding & Graphic Design

The Meadows

What’s the popular hangout, that’s right The Meadows – Original Frozen Custard! Since the 50’s people have been going to The Meadows on a hot (and cold, I can’t explain it) day. Each day they present special flavors for the day. Beginning as a single owned ice cream store, The Meadows is now a successful franchise with an annual revenue of up to 5 million dollars.

Let’s get back to the 50’s, when it opened. All their artwork was from then as well. When it came time to franchise and become modern there was no digital artwork, plus they were beginning new aspects which didn’t have any branding. The first thing was to recreate the original Ice Cream Cone. I recreated the cone logo in Adobe Illustrator, embellishing on the design slightly. The Cone Logo and Main Logo utilize the same colors. Pantone System Colors, PMS 141, PMS 803, PMS 2756 and PMS 1395. With these colors all logos are produced. Fonts: Brush Script MT and Arial Black.

Logo with Pantone colors and fonts

The Meadows was expanding and introducing a coffee bar. The next step was to determine a name and branding for this new aspect of the company. The Meadows Espresso Bar & Cafe became the winner after many iterations. I created a new brand, logo and some icons for the espresso bar identity.

There are many aspects to the ice cream store, signs, counter and drive-thru menus and advertising became a focus for consistency and branding within all franchises.

New offerings and designs
Menu boards
The Drive-Thru Menu board and sign. Design and structure. CAD drawings.

Labels &
Package Design

Various Clients

One of my favorite things to design are labels and packages! I find it very intriguing and visionary to make labels and packages. With this type of design, you really need to solve the puzzle of functionality and beauty. Package design has a purpose and needs to adhere to that purpose, as well as look great and be eye catching to attract customers. My labels on the average inspire potential customers by 25%, therefore increasing sales.

Oak Spring Winery has a variety of different wines. From whites to reds, and all shades and flavors in between. One of the latest flavors was their new blend of Niagara and Jalapeno, Hestia. Sweet with a kick. The design had to be original and portray the wine itself. I went through the iteration process and presented a few designs to portray the flavor.

Along the same idea of wine is Bloody Mary Mix from Captain John’s. This mix contained a splash from crab juice and was geared towards the coastal demographic, therefore I needed to incorporate a costal and/or crab look and feel. You may see this Bloody Mary mix at your local seafood restaurant.

Package design comes in all shapes and sizes. Each has its own quandary to tackle. Some even have a specific budget to remain within, so your design has to exist within those boundaries. One client, ITSI Biosciences, had just that perspective on their packages. ITSI had many products that needed to be set apart from each other, but with a limited cost. The solution was a simple box design with a three color print. The three color printing would save huge amounts of money for the client, while still giving them what they need. The color scheme continued into their other company collateral, although the catalogs did have 4-color process printing.

Oak Spring Winery label design
Captain John’s Bloody May Mix label
Biosciences product package design

Graphic Design, Web Design & Illustration

Digi Marketing

Marketing, marketing, marketing…it’s what makes the work go around. We work with various other marketing companies that come to us for a cohesive company design. Digi Marketing, was one of those company’s. Digi Marketing specializes in digital marketing tactics for online and websites. Competing in that market, with it being very saturated, a company needs to stand out above the rest. In both service and appearance. A cohesive company look and feel with memorable avatars should do the trick, that was my plan.

Digital and online marketing is a very extensive and integrated industry. With my efforts, they have an estimated client list of over 500,000 users.

They wanted a robot, so I started there. My robot needed to be different. I see many robots and they all look the same. I also wanted mine to be more personable and…cute. A non-aggressive robot, that’s here to help. So this is what I came up with. Digibot!

There are many services with Digi Marketing, so each service has it’s own robot avatar. Adorned with the look of that service. (Too many to show them all)

The Digi Marketing website is the biggest marketing tool they utilize. The site was built on a dynamic platform allowing for expansion and updates. The color scheme, as well as, the look and feel of the digibots continues through the site design. Reinforcing the colors and branding.

Advertising…Digital Advertising! That’s what it’s all about. Digital advertising has been the leading marketing tool for this generation. There are an incredible number of different aspects to digital marketing. Digi Marketing tries to encompass all, or as many as they can. Email marketing, website marketing, Google Ads, Social Media marketing, the list goes on. Here are a few examples of the ads used for Digi.

Then in the end…there was a Digibot battle to eliminate all the old and worn out robots.

Meet Digibot!
Variety of Digibots for each product
Digi website design
Digital marketing ads

Custom T-Shirt Designs

Various Clients

Fisherman’s Warf: Pencil & Digital illustration
Florida Reefs: Digital illustration
Don’t Drink & Dive: Digital illustration

Print Design Examples


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